The Ultimate Arctic Adventure: A Northern Lights Odyssey

4 January 2024 - 7 March 2024

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At the heart of this package is the ethereal Northern Light - nature’s ballet in the Arctic sky.

From train rides to traditional ceremonies, from husky-drawn sleds to mini-bus expeditions, every moment is crafted to immerse you in the magic of the auroras.

Embrace the Arctic's luminous legacy and be a part of a journey that lights up not just the sky, but also your soul.


Day 1: Begin your unforgettable journey from the vibrant city of Tromsø. As you board the Arctic Route bus, allow the captivating landscapes of the north to unfold before you as you make your way to the historical town of Narvik. As dusk paints the sky, the real magic begins.
At Narvik train station you step aboard the Northern Lights Train, an experience designed to chase the mesmerizing auroras that grace the Arctic night. Feel the anticipation build as the train ventures into the heart of aurora territory, offering you a front-row seat to one of nature's most enchanting spectacles.

Click here to read more about the Northern Light Train by Arctic Train.

Day 2: Your adventure continues with the Arctic Route as you venture to Gratangen. Here, be prepared for a heartwarming encounter with the Husky Isogaisa, a Sami family who has carried forward their ancestral traditions across generations. Delve into the authentic Sami way of life, mastering the age-old art of dogsledding under their expert guidance. Once your doglsedding adventure is complete, you join the Sami family for a Northern Lights ceremony, where tradition, lore, and nature intertwine in an ethereal celebration. After the experience with Husky Isogasia, you travel back to Narvik and embark on a Northern Lights hunting expedition in a cozy mini-bus. Local aurora experts will be your beacon, having charted a route that amplifies your chances of witnessing the elusive and magnificent Northern Lights dance across the sky.

Click here to read more about the experience at Husky Isogaisa and click here to read more about the northern light hunt.

Day 3:
As you reflect on the wonders you've experienced, take a moment to delve into history at the Narvik War Museum, where tales of valor and resilience come to life. The Arctic Route bus then welcomes you once again, promising a comfortable journey back to Tromsø, filled with reflections of unforgettable memories.

On your Arctic journey, you'll be accommodated at Basecamp Narvik - Hotel & Apartments, strategically nestled in Narvikfjellet. 
Each living space is thoughtfully equipped with a kitchenette and dining area for self-catering and features a private balcony that offers panoramic views of the fjord. With configurations ranging from one to three bedrooms, and even a premium two-bedroom suite with ensuites, flexibility is at your fingertips. Adjoining doors in the rooms ensure families and larger groups can stay connected throughout their Narvik sojourn. 
Perfectly positioned on a natural elevation beside the lower cable car station and approximately 240 m above sea level, Basecamp Narvik guarantees every guest an unparalleled vista, capturing the Ofot Fjord, Narvik's urban charm, the ski resort, and the vast Arctic expanse.

From 9171 NOK

Included in the package

Day 1

Arctic Route from Tromsø

Departure time From Scandic Ishavshotel Tromsø 09:00

Arrival time in Narvik 13:12

Northern Light Train

Activity start at Narvik train station 18:45

Activity end at Narvik train station 22:10

Day 2

Dog-sledding with Northern Lights Ceremony

Departure with the Arctic route from Scandic at 14:02

Arrival in Narvik 18:00

Authentic Northern Lights Hunting

Departure from Scandic 18:30

Arrival in Narvik 23:30

Day 3

War museum entrance

The museum opens at 10:00

Arctic Route from Narvik

Departure from Narvik 14:02

Arrival in Tromsø 18:25

Two nights at Basecamp Narvik

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