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Busstransport AS

Address: Fagernesveien 145, 8514 Narvik Show map

Address: Fagernesveien 145, 8514 Narvik

Busstransport AS has what you need either if your group is large or small, or if you want a long or a short trip in the Narvik Region.


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Mini bus rental with or without driver

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Nearby accommodations


Scandic Hotel Narvik

Distance: 3.1 km
Scandic Narvik is the newest hotel in the city, it opened 1st of March 2012. The hotel is one of Northern Norway's tallest builidings, and with it's 17 floors the view is spectacular. You can view the city center, the Ofot Fjord, the mountain "The Sleeping Queen" and all the surrounding mountains.

Arctic Dome

Distance: 2.4 km
The Arctic Dome is beautifully located in Narvikfjellet with an amazing view of Narvik, fjord and mountains. Enjoy the arctic light through the roof and front windows, and lay under the midnight sun or the northern lights and wake up in nature.

Narvik Mountain Lodge

Distance: 2.1 km
Just 10 minutes from the city centre you can experience both ambiance and tranquillity. Narvik Mountain Lodge is located in Narvikfjellet approx. 300 metres above sea level. The lodge offers a homely atmosphere with stunning views of the city and the fjord.